Because it is summer and because I have time I pulled a book off my shelf that I’ve never looked at too closely. It’s called Foundations of Modern Art by Amedee Ozenfant. It was published in 1931. Ozenfant was a cubist artist and writer who founded the Purist movement in France in the early 1900s. He worked with Le Courbusier. The book is kind of an explanation of modern art and artists but done in a non-linear style. He makes connections between eras by finding commonalities of style or thrust. His writing is quite erudite and I was forced to open a dictionary to follow along. For example I didn’t know that Occident meant the western world, as opposed to the Orient.

Here is a quote: “Creation is led up to by each moment, every gesture of our lives: not by a sudden decision. It is the degree to which, little by little, we have raised ourselves, that brings us level with certain heights.”