My Process

I often find inspiration in nature. It might be the way light creates depth and color changes on the petal of a flower.  It might be the filigree lines of a branch against the sky.  It might be the arrangement of buildings in a landscape. Whatever the inspiration, I want to capture that excitement and feeling in my work.  I choose to work in watercolor, oil, acrylic, ink, graphite or marker, depending on what I want to express.

Watercolor is a transparent media that relies on planning and working from light to dark.  I love the sparkly effect transparent color makes on the white paper. The planning process uses my mind in a certain way and I like figuring out how to achieve the image I am picturing.

Oil paint is very different from watercolor.  It is an opaque media and one that can be manipulated in many ways.  I like the slow drying quality because it allows for changes of edges without repainting.  The smell of the paint, the rich color, the traditional use of the media, all appeal to me.  Many of my works are in oil.

Drawing is a foundation that I return to for working out ideas and for the immediacy of pencil or charcoal on paper. 

My connection to nature and observation often results in realistic images. Working directly in front of the subject through still life, landscape or the model provides me with endless challenges. I express the essence of the subject with the least amount of fussiness.

My art practice also includes experimentation with materials. From this experimentation and free approach I have created abstract or expressive work that relies more on internal rather than external responses.

Blue Drink, ink and acrylic on paper